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We help our customers take the most out of web technologies, turn their ideas to useful products and stand out among competition
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Hello World PC is a global software consultancy that helps businesses embrace technology, launch products and offer better services to their customers

Our culture is to go above and beyond by striving to be first a great partner and then a great employee.

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Our team of experts stands by our customers side throughout all phases of design, development and delivery, supporting and consulting them at any given moment so they can accomplish eventually their high goals


ux service


UX plays a huge role in our way of designing and developing applications. We follow a user-centric approach by following the users journeys through wireframes and clickable mockups, since we know that the end-users are the ones who will judge in the end the quality and the effectiveness of our work.

web service

Web Development

We are using state of the art web technologies like ReactJS and VueJS and mature MVC frameworks like Laravel and Ruby on Rails, to deliver Rich Internet Applications with optimal performance, great user experience and appealing interfaces that can scale and serve multiple tenants across the globe.

mobile service

Mobile Development

Mobile development world has changed vastly in the last years and we couldn't stay behind because of our expertise in modern technologies. Through React Native and Ionic we can pretty much use the same stack to build in parallel a web and a mobile application by reducing the cost and the complexity hugely.

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HelloWorld delivers consistent high quality results. Combined with the amazing and smooth collaboration we have had over so many years, they have been an integral part of our engineering efforts to push the frontend components of our product forward, and cannot recommend them highly enough.


Nikos Karapanos

CTO & co-founder, Futurae

Thank you for the outstanding support. Always fun to work together. We are extremely happy with the level of commitment and the quality of the deliverables. We would definitely utilize your expertise going forward.


Michael Petychakis

CTO, Orfium

We have been working side by side with Hello World PC for more than 3 years so we consider them a vital part of Carespot family. Their devotion to make things progress, is what makes this collaboration unique and strong.


Administration Team


Hello World PC is a great ally and technology partner because of their expertise and willingness to design and build products together, push things forward and fulfill on-going business needs, no matter what.


Administration Team

Stay Independent

Before our collaboration started, HelloWorld PC proudly declared that they do things differently because they care. After working closely for a year, they do care and that makes all the difference, especially for large and complex projects. Best team I have worked with.


Nikos Leoutsarakos

CISO, Zeropasswords Inc.

HelloWorld PC is a partner we can rely on and build beautiful things together. We love the commitment, the professionalism, and above all the positive attitude so this is a collaboration for the long run.


Ioannis Nikolakopoulos

Co-Founder, Code.Hub

Hello World provides a combination of uniqueness and professionalism, which is really hard to find anywhere in the world. They produce exquisite results and deliver ahead of time. I am excited to work with them for years already and look forward to the next.


Paris Kasidiaris

CEO, Sourcelair

Because of HelloWorld's tech expertise and guidance we 've managed to modernize our services and automate our procedures. All these helped our business to expand so a huge shout out for showing us the "digital" way and for standing by our side all way long.


Administration Team

Epiplo Spanos