Information Security Policy

ISO 27001

Version 1

This information security policy document applies to HELLOWORLD IDIOTIKI KEFALAIOUCHIKI ETAIREIA (HELLOWORLD I.K.E., HELLOWORLD P.C.) where EUID is ELGEMI.148558401000.

Information security policy is considered crucial and a priority for HELLOWORLD PC, and as a result the company has developed an Information Security Management System in order to:

  • Ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of its information assets.
  • Ensure compliance with related legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Protect its interests and third parties’ interests.
  • Maintain and maximizes the reliability of its information assets.
  • Achieve its operational goals having maximum security.


The implementation of the Information Security Management System has resulted in the following objectives:

  • The protection of company’s assets, especially information assets that circulate inside and from every department of the company, from any threat whether is internal or external, intentional or unintended.
  • The systematic evaluation and assessment of risks related to information security so that they can be immediately and rightly managed.
  • The archiving of data, avoidance of viruses and external threats, the control of system and location access, the documentation of any information security incident and emergency management.
  • The control of the system through clear identification of roles and responsibilities especially the one of Information Security Manager whose responsibility is to audit and monitor the policies and processes related to information security and also undertake necessary initiatives in order to eliminate factors that put the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information at risk.


HELLOWORLD’s top management consider the present Information Security Policy binding for company’s entire staff regardless of work relation, and also its partners and suppliers whose activity may affect the company’s performance related to information security, rendering the following services:

  1. The design, production, implementation, development, management, commercial use, exploitation, sale and maintenance of software, computer programs (source codes), computer applications, internet and mobile phones, computer platforms and websites ("products"),
  2. the provision of consulting and educational services and technical support services to customers,
  3. the development and certification of know-how related to the company's scope of activities,
  4. the provision of research and experimental development services in IT and technology,
  5. the provision of technical studies for IT and technology products,
  6. the design, development, purchase, sale, import and export of software licenses,
  7. the provision of all kinds of consulting services to organizations, public services and private enterprises regarding information, electromechanical, energy and telecommunication facilities and applications,
  8. the printing, circulation & sale of technical publications related to the subject of the company,
  9. the organization of technical seminars for the training and specialization of executives in the use, operation & maintenance of systems related to its object, 10. any other activity directly or indirectly related to the above purposes.

Top management ensures that every member of company’s staff and contractors are aware of its information security policy and are committed to complying with it.



During the Information Security Management System design, top management has to take into account and comply with legislative, regulatory and contractual obligations. Top management is committed to provide all necessary resources for the effective implementation and continual improvement of the Information Security Management System. The purpose of all the measures that have been taken, as well as those that will be taken in the future based on the needs of HelloWorld, is the continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System, in order to cover the security requirements.


The Company's information security policy is reviewed during annual management reviews or whenever is considered necessary. Last update was in January 2024.