Why Hello World?

We raise the bar

Our job is to deliver qualitative software that gives actual benefits to its users and can scale to serve future needs
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The elephant in the room

Software has gained huge traction during the last years and this has created huge opportunities for organizations and professionals who develop applications and offer software services.

This big bang has created 4 problems:


Software organizations tend to focus even more on raising a new investment rather than focusing on the end-users needs so tons of software that no-one eventually uses is produced by innumerous companies.


Software houses try to maximize their profit by constantly lowering the quality, skipping best practices, using legacy technology stacks and hiring easy-to-replace juniors while jumping from customer to customer and project to project with no strings attached.


Software engineers are forced to ignore quality and the actual outcome of their work since they are taught that "more is better" right from the very first steps of their career.


Tons of purposeless or low quality applications are launched without realizing that this harms the technology ecosystem itself, pollutes the environment we are living and has nothing to do with actual people needs and problems technology should address.

Building user-centric software

We want to do things differently and re-invent the way software organizations think about software by building applications that solve real-world problems and make the life of the end-user better. This might sound like a cliche, unfortunately though we tend to ignore the purpose of the technology usage noawadays by treating it as a commodity and not like a miracle that can change lives.

Raising the bar

We want to offer qualitative solutions that can scale with ease in the near future since we realize that our customers needs will definitely evolve down the road. Quality and flexibility will give them competitive advantage among competitors and will help them grow eventually, that is why we aim to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Having a unique culture

We want to help our people grow constantly, work with a cause and enjoy life above all. This is why we use Agile ways to manage projects, we run internal meetups regularly to enforce knowledge and experiences sharing and we adore remote working so we all have a balanced life close to our families.

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HelloWorld PC is a boutique UX and software house that is making a bold statement in the tech world because of the way our team does things. I am thrilled to be part of such an initiative that motivates me hugely and forces me to become a more impactful teammate every single day. Furthermore, the fully-remote environment suits my personal life needs and gives me the opportunity to be there for my family whenever they need me which is really important to me.

Head of UX