Athens, January 9, 2023

To whom it may concern

Omilia is a leader (Gartner 2022, IDC 2021) for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms, delivering Natural Language Understanding (NLU) next-generation and multi-channel (IVR, voice, Chat) services. Today Omilia is the only company with over 70 production call-center deployments of true Conversational Virtual Agents, in 17+ countries worldwide, representing 30 different languages, and serving more than 1 billion customer interactions.

In February 2022, after the start of the unfortunate Russian-Ukrainian war, Omilia experienced a shortage of engineers. We lacked professionals who could quickly join the existing projects and immediately show effective work due to the fact, that a big part of the development team of Omilia was in Ukraine. At that difficult moment, we were lucky to use the services of HelloWorld PC and get a big positive impact on our day-to-day operations strengthening business continuity for our clients.

HelloWorld PC provided us with top-notch UX designing and ReactJS engineering services. Needless to say, this cooperation exceeded our expectations by providing an excellent solution to our requests. While Omilia's senior management had reservations about the level of HelloWorld PC's services and the ability to have an immediate positive impact, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that HelloWorld PC’s professionals not only increased the efficiency of our engineering teams but also avoided disrupting the workflow of the in-house employees. Until now, we use HelloWorld PC services. Omilia delegates independent projects and demos to HelloWorld PC professionals, as well as, consulting services around UX and design system.

I regard HelloWorld PC as an indispensable and valued partner, who constantly strive for excellence, and would highly recommend them to any organization wishing to improve its front-end development and UX design and cooperate with a group of highly self-motivated people.

Thomas Bolis

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Head of Engineering